Morocco warns South Africa

Brussels – Morocco warned the South African authorities of their anti-Moroccan behavior and policies and if they do not stop these policies and behavior, they will have an appropriate political position. This came during a statement of Morocco’s Foreign Minister Nasser Bureita to a parliamentary committee on the detention of a Moroccan steamer in South Africa’s territorial waters, at the request of the Polisario Front.

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Moroccan phosphate : Polisario receives a slap in Panama.

Brussels – Panama’s decision, permitting the ship carrying Moroccan phosphate to pass  through its canal compels South Africa to do the same, or else it will endure a very likely political defeat if it continues dealing with the matter in the same way.

Indeed, The announcement had a terrible effect on the Polizario-Algeria axis : the “Ultra Innovation” carrying Moroccan phosphate, stopped last Thursday at the Panama Canal, was able to carry on its route to its final destination, Vancouver in Canada.

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Western Sahara : OCP Morocco refutes Polisario’s baseless and inapprpriate claims

Brussels –  In a statement regarding the ongoing court session in South Africa, the Office of the OCP said that the plaintiffs’ claims, which are baseless, are an out of context and inappropriate attempt to circumvent the internationally recognized political process that is effectively supervised by the United Nations Security Council.

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UN Security Council’s Western Sahara Resolution: A Bid for Stability in an Uncertain World

Brussels –  There’s no denying the fact that the world today is going through a period of change and uncertainty. This in turn has been brought on by fundamental changes in technology and factors of production, as well as global challenges such as climate change. In fact, the rise in populist forces being witnessed around the world has a direct link to increasing automation replacing human jobs – a trend that is bound to grow stronger as time progresses. This has brought out nativist passions in several countries, leading to targeting of immigrants and minorities.

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Mustapha Salma: The Western Sahara conflict is a subject between Morocco and Algeria.

Brussels – At a time when Morocco welcomed Security Council resolution 2351 on Western Sahara, the Polisario Front, which was forced to withdraw from the Guerguerat region to avoid international condemnation, choose to remain silent and not to give a clear position on the UN resolution.

How does the former Front POLISARIO leader, Mustafa Salma Ould Sidi Mouloud, as well as the current of “the Martyr’s line” of opposition to the leadership of the separatist front, see the recent UN resolution?

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SG of Arab National Congress : The solution to the Moroccan Sahara issue should not be further fragmented in the Arab world

BrusselsThe Secretary-General of the Arab National Conference, Hafez Ziad, stressed that the solution to the Western Sahara issue should not be more fragmented in the Arab world and increase the number of countries, but rather by preserving unity and confronting initiatives aimed at fragmentation of societies.

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Western Sahara and the new USA finance decree A new face slap for the separatists

Brussels – The USA, in its finance act of 2017 budget approved by the Congress, is considering a financial aid dedicated to the South of Morocco in order to support the economical development in the Kingdom. The POLISARIO has no choice there but to submit to the third strike in just one week after the new Security Council settlement in the UN and Malawi’s decision to no longer recognize their imaginary state.

Morocco then congratulates its diplomacy for the new dispositions in the US budgetary of 2017 concerning the Moroccan Sahara, adopted by tge Congress and approved in Friday May 5th, 2017 by the president Donald Trump.

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This is the truth of Nehema Asfari

Brussels –This is the truth of Nehema Asfari, the mastermind of what happened in kdim Izik The site of “Today’s Calendars” received very dangerous data, related to Al-Neama Asfari, who is the mastermind of what happened in the camp “Kdim Izik,” which they called the “Governor-General” of the camp.

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