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On Tindouf Camp abuses, enough is enough

By Edward M. Gabriel Every year, countries around the world—including the United States—donate millions of dollars worth of food and other humanitarian aid to the Polisario Front-run refugee camps near Tindouf, Algeria to support the tens of thousands of Sahrawi refugees trapped there in desperate conditions. Meanwhile, the Polisario—a dictatorial …

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MEP : Infiltration of Tindouf by terrorist groups stresses need for settling Sahara issue

The terrorist threat plaguing the whole region of the Sahel and the infiltration of the Tindouf camps in south-western Algeria by jihadist groups underscores the urgency of settling the Sahara issue, Socialist member of the European Parliament Gilles Pargneaux said on Wednesday in Brussels. Speaking at a conference in the …

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Western Sahara : The Rebellion in the Tindouf camps

   In a video recording, made recently,  in Tindouf («Smara» camp), the Youth Movement for Change expressed its determination to reverse by 2015 the current Polisario leadership. There is an unprecedented rebellion of Western Saharan youth population living in Tindouf camps in Algeria against Polisario leadership. This youth Movement of change as …

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Western Sahara : Algerian dangerous game disclosed in the European Parliament

Algerian dangerous game practiced for the last four decades or so ,in order to  harm Moroccan interests by means of military,  financial, diplomatic and political support to the Polisario front has been recently reposed by the European parliament in its headquarter in Brussels ,  following the projection of a documentary …

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Exclusive: OLAF report reveals diversions of EU Aids to Tindouf Camps

The European Union Bulletin has obtained a copy in French of a report summing up the findings of investigations conducted by the European Anti-Fraud Office (OLAF) on the European Union’s humanitarian assistance to the Polisario-controlled refugee camps in Southern Algeria. The report drafted by OLAF investigation team asserts that large …

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How to React to Algeria’s Diversion of Humanitarian Aid?

Michael Rubin |  Commentary Within both the United States and Europe, foreign aid has become a feel-good operation more successful at creating jobs for bureaucrats and consultants in Washington and Brussels than in achieving real success among its targets. This shouldn’t surprise since so often the metric of success used …

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