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Western Sahara and the new USA finance decree A new face slap for the separatists

Brussels – The USA, in its finance act of 2017 budget approved by the Congress, is considering a financial aid dedicated to the South of Morocco in order to support the economical development in the Kingdom. The POLISARIO has no choice there but to submit to the third strike in just one week after the new Security Council settlement in the UN and Malawi’s decision to no longer recognize their imaginary state.

Morocco then congratulates its diplomacy for the new dispositions in the US budgetary of 2017 concerning the Moroccan Sahara, adopted by tge Congress and approved in Friday May 5th, 2017 by the president Donald Trump.

The US budgetary predictions for the Sahara 

Moreover, the ministry of foreign affairs and international cooperation announced that those funds are to use also in the Sahara. Thereby the Moroccan ministry of foreign affairs confirms by the words of tge minister Naser Bourita has made it clear that report coming with the US decision confirms with clearly, and with no doubt that the Congress Morocco’s initiative of autonomy. It also confirms, according to same source, that the American Secretary shall proceed its activity for a negotiated settlement that complies to the American policies that support a solution based on an autonomy under Moroccan Sovereignty.

The financial budgetary act of 2017 contains beneficial outlooks for Morocco’s position in Sahara folders, so far as it calls Trump’s administration to make every effort to encourage and support the investment in private sectors of the south. Furthermore, it compells the American state Secretary Rex Tillerson to report in 45 days deadline all the measures taken to reinforce tge control over the humanitarian aid and assistance to the refugees in North Africa, in a hidden allusion to the population of Tindouf camps in Algeria. According to many analysts, this sounds like a frightening threat for Algeria and POLISARIO.


The Algerian Council tries to intimidate the American Congress

In June 2016, the vast majority of American Congress intended an official count of the camp population held captive in Tindouf in the financial decree of 2017. The prominent project raised the Algerian red lights, and compelled their council in Washington to draft a letter in june 24th, 2016 to the congresswoman Betty McCollum, to inform that his country disapproves any implication of any population census in the shame camps of Tindouf “we stand against all kinds of consequences resulting from such an unacceptable act (…)” in line with the footsteps of the Algerian Council, the Algerian lobby leaded by the deputy Sean Duffy, chief of “Algeria caucus” inside the American Congress gave speechs to the American people telling that “the disposition to which the camp inhabitants will be counted is unacceptable since they are just refugees hosted by Algeria on its borders”.


Beneficial circumstances for Morocco

These evolutions started happening after the resolution 2351, adopted by the Security Council of the UNO in April 28th 2017, this resolution praised the credibility and objectivity of the Moroccan plan of autonomy proposed to the UNO in April 11th, 2007 and congratulated the Kingdom’s effort to move forward with the negotiations in order to get to a solution for the conflict aroused around the Moroccan Sahara. The SC also congratulated itself for Morocco’s positive response to the UN’s general secretary Antonio Guterres call to retreat from GUERGUERAT ( a no man’s land on the borders) in February 2017 after POLISARIO’s military provocations. The general secretary also denounced the hostile attitude of the separatist front that hampered the commercial traffic in the borders. All these elements lead to believe that the Sahara folder is now taking new, dynamic, and and fair form, knowing that Guterres is an expert who masters the issue from head to toe. All that remains is to wait for who the new UN envoy following Christopher Ross to officially be in charge of the Sahara matter, Horst Köhler will not have an easy task especially because tge POLISARIO decided to obstruct even more the negotiation machinery. Algeria, however, despite its importance in the matter, continues pretending to not be a part of the dispute, while ghe SC of UNO called all tge neighbor Countries to cooperate to finally get this affair that lasted for 42 years to an end.

In the mean time while Morocco continues to receive support from many countries from around the world. The separatists are in difficulty, after being forced to retreat from GUERGUERAT, and after being compelled to the new UNO announcement, now they are facing another issue after the decision of tge United States that considered Morocco as the responsible for development in the Sahara.

The separatists are now more than ever on the edge of the cliff, and it’s definitely not Algeria that will provide for them a bright future, especially while the list of countries supporting the imaginary state in the Sahara is shrinking more and more, to note that in May 5th 2017, Malawi was the 35th country to publicly withdraw its recognition to separatist front.


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