Wednesday , February 21 2018
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About Us

Sahara Watch Organization (SWO) is a non-governmental organization with several collaborators around the world.

We promote the Moroccan initiative, which proposes a just and definitive solution, granting autonomy to the Saharawis under Moroccan sovereignty. We firmly believe in the territorial integrity of Morocco, our first objective is to defend it.

We raise international public opinion on the contribution of Morocco and its commitment to economic and social development as well as human rights in the southern provinces.

SWO is making effort to raise awareness through media, legal and political channels.


SWO aims to further inform countries (parties, parliaments …) and international organizations on the ins and outs of the Moroccan autonomy proposal for the Sahara.

We want to bring the parties through dialogue and negotiation to agree on a fair, realistic and final compromise within the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the kingdom.


SWO attaches great importance to the media. In order to give more complete information to the public, we exercise our right of reply which is a legal provision to publish facts with an objective scope. We believe that there are, unfortunately, media and lobbies that guide and manipulate public opinion on the real facts of the situation and, above all, deliberately damage this territorial integrity.


We take legal action against false allegations, insults or lies about the Sahara issue.

SWO Enlargement

SWO brings together organizations, associations and individuals who together seek to campaign with governments and international organizations to defend the justice of the first national cause. Any member is free to act or speak on behalf of SWO, if he has consulted.