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Western Sahara : How are security council terms favorable for Morocco ?

Brussels  – Morocco has reacted positively to the latest UN Security Council decision. This resolution extends, for one year, the mandate of Minurso, within the strict framework of its current activities.

What does this resolution bring to Morocco?

First, for the first time, the Security Council has clearly involved Algeria in the political process. Then the question of the Minurso functionalities is now settled and the conflict with the former Secretary General, not with the UN, is a thing of the past.

Similarly, there is no longer any option for human rights monitoring, and the action of the local commissions of the human rights has been even welcomed.

Another important point, the Moroccan autonomy plan was taken as a considerable option, which implies that the referendum of self-determination is excluded. The Security Council refers to new negotiations on the “nature and form of self-determination”.

The report goes without saying that with this resolution, especially with the intelligent management of Morocco of this file, that the Polisario lost the battle of El Guerguerat.

And this will certainly not be the first strike to its leadership, more trouble will come like the UN’s call for registration and census of the camp population which will directly affect the volume of aid and hence the benefits to be gained by the Polisario leadership from their diversion.

Finally, the Security Council highlighted the geo-security context of the region, joining the previous warnings addressed to the international community by Morocco on this issue.


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