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Malawi no longer recognizes the separatists of the Polisario.

Brussels – Mustapha El Khalfi, spokesman of Moroccan gouvernment, talked about the latest developments in the Western Sahara issue. He reminded that 43 countries had withdrawn their recognition from the Polisario entity.

Morocco is now in a strong position on the issue of the Western Sahara, testifies the series of withdrawals of the recognition of the separatists of the Algeria backed Polisario, by many countries, estimated the government at the end of its weekly meeting .

Of the nearly 80 countries that recognized this ghastly Republic, 43 of them withdrew their recognition by aligning themselves with Morocco’s position, said Mustapha El Khalfi, government spokesman, on the microphone of 360. He said Morocco’s recent diplomatic successes, including its return to the African Union, the UN Security Council resolution on the Moroccan Sahara and the withdrawal of Malawi’s recognition of the Polisario, Caused great dismay within the Algerian regime.

On the African continent, only 18 countries continue to support Algerian puppets. “Those who bet that a return of Morocco to the African Union would stop the withdrawal flows were wrong; The example of Malawi is the best illustration, said the government spokesman.

He added that “The firmness policy has borne fruit” and that “the last resolution of the UN Security Council placed the conflict in its regional framework” stressing that “Algeria must assumese its responsibility” on the conflit. According to the spokesman, the Secretary-General of the UN stressed the need for Algiers’s contribution in the resolution of this conflict.

The Algerian military regime created this conflict in 1975 to destabilize Morocco.

Translated by Western Sahara Organisation

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