SG of Arab National Congress : The solution to the Moroccan Sahara issue should not be further fragmented in the Arab world

BrusselsThe Secretary-General of the Arab National Conference, Hafez Ziad, stressed that the solution to the Western Sahara issue should not be more fragmented in the Arab world and increase the number of countries, but rather by preserving unity and confronting initiatives aimed at fragmentation of societies.

 “It is not our national mission to increase the number of Arab countries, but, on the contrary, we are working on unity,” he said, referring to the Western Sahara issue in a political report on “global, regional and Arab transformations” presented at the 28th Arab National Congress, which began on Friday in Beirut.

 Referring to the Moroccan proposal to grant autonomy to the southern provinces of the Kingdom under Moroccan sovereignty, describing this proposal as “a formula that preserves the rights of all and invigorates the Maghreb Union.” The Secretary-General of the Arab National Congress called on Algeria to “open up towards Arab integration in general and within the Maghreb Union in particular”, stressing in the same context that the right of self-determination raised by Algeria “applies to a foreign occupying state.

It is worth mentioning that the conference, which includes a number of representatives of Arab bodies and organizations, intellectuals, thinkers and media, including Moroccans, examines issues related to Arab unity, democracy, national and national independence, independent development, social justice and the dangers of sectarianism and its consequences.


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