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Mustapha Salma : Western Sahara is a conflict between Morocco and Algeria.

Brussels – At a time when Morocco welcomed Security Council resolution 2351 on Western Sahara, the Polisario Front, which was forced to withdraw from the Guerguerat region to avoid international condemnation, choose to remain silent and not to give a clear position on the UN resolution.

How does the former Front POLISARIO leader, Mustafa Salma Ould Sidi Mouloud, as well as the current of “the Martyr’s line” of opposition to the leadership of the separatist front, see the recent UN resolution?

Mustafa Salma Ould Sidi Mouloud and Mahjoub Salik leader of “the Martyr line”, the former leader of the Polisario Front, Mustafa Salma Ould Sidi Mouloud, who was forcibly removed by the separatist Front to Mauritania in late 2010 without his family, after announcing support for the autonomy proposal submitted by Morocco to resolve the Sahara issue, on UN Resolution number 2351 on Western Saharan reported the following statement: “Even though the report of the Secretary General is a result of the efforts carried out by the former Secretary General and his personal envoy, things were nearly called out using their very own names with regards to the essence of the issue, and which is political in the first place, and we see this through the size and weight and prestige of Algerian officials, General of the United Nations and his Personal Envoy. And it is understood that the UN administration has started to evaluate this issue as a Moroccan-Algerian conflict as a first place. ” As for the recommendations that came in the resolution voted unanimously by the members of the Security Council, Mustafa Salma said that these did not “get out of the usual political part, and has one more time asked the same request to negotiate a political solution, satisfactory to all parties and more clearly than before by specifying that the negotiation is presented in the form and content of a report of Auto-Determination, and this excludes any request of independence as asked by the Polisario and Algeria.

” All the observers knew that the withdrawal of the Polisario from ‘Guerguerat’ would inevitably happen,” he said. “But the way and the time it happened showed the stupidity of the Polisario leadership and the Algerian military that is backing them by thinking on their behalf.” “While Morocco won its withdrawal at all levels, making it enter the city of April with relief, the Polisario found itself in an unenviable situation: it could not maintain the temporary gain it achieved by the arrival of its troops into the Atlantic quarter of a century later. It did not achieve its withdrawal, which came in the form of an escape, but rather, an action that happened just to avoid international condemnation.

” Mustafa Salma said that Morocco won “from the involvement of the Polisario in the kilometers of the Guerguerat, to pass the remainder of the period of Ban Ki-moon, who showed in his last hostility to Morocco, and then the confidence of the new Secretary-General in his rapid response to his call to withdraw from the cockroaches, while the Polisario lost everything and it also lost with it the rest of the morale of the camp street, fleeing from an area that until yesterday was called liberated lands.

“Martyrdom line” said : Polisario leadership continues to lie to the refugees for his part, the current line of the Martyr opposition to the leadership of the Polisario Front issued a statement on the site of Yabladi a copy of it, in which he saw that the most important in the resolution “is to confirm the withdrawal of the leadership of the cockroaches,” adding that the leadership of the Polisario Front, “because of this position opposed to what it was filling the people for many months and that the Guerguerat areas liberated and it’s a red line.

” The statement also said that the leadership of the Polisario and its justification for withdrawing from the area of Guerguerat came out “with a new lie, as usual, namely, that it did not withdraw from the Guerguerat, but carried out a deployment of its forces, a process of deployment in an area not exceeding five kilometers, and this is a thing that does not exist in the academic military.” He explained the stream of martyr “This is a silent withdrawal from the Guerguerat, but the fear of the anger of the Sahrawi street forced the leadership to market the term of redeployment to pass the setback in a manner acceptable to the national public opinion, its habit of lying to us for more than 26 years of the status of war and non-peace.” “The Sahrawi people will enter into a series of futile negotiations and under a new drug called” redeployment “to deceive the grassroots, the martyr’s line said.

The current led by Mahjoub al-Salik said that amidst the “disappointment of the United Nations, we must speak realistically and recognize the limited options of desert leadership that the current situation serves more than ever before, a reality that guarantees the survival of its personal privileges and grants its development projects in Tindouf, Azuirat, Spain, Gives it more satisfaction as long as it has not been nationalized or touched by the crisis of the collapse of the Algerian dinar. “



Translated by Western Sahara Organisation

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