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Status of the Area at the East of the Defence Device

1.    2000 km long, the Moroccan defense system was built between 1980 and 1987, mainly in order to protect civilians, in a context marked by repeated attacks and incursions of polisario and Algeria.

2.    Its plan voluntarily did not follow Morocco’s international borders, to avoid new direct clashes between Morocco and Algeria.

3.    Its security system, strictly defensive, is both a factor of peace and stability and a rampart against the risks threatening the Sahel-Saharan region.

4.  The increase in the provocative acts violates the provisions clearly stated in the 1991 cease-fire agreement, in the area at the east of the security system, which was submitted, free from any presence of military or civilian facilities, to the MINURSO. In fact, this agreement stipulates that no “fait accompli” or change in the status quo is allowed between the defense system and territories of Algeria and Mauritania.

5.    Therefore, the Kingdom of Morocco shall not, in any case, tolerate any breach, fait accompli, modification, infringe or questioning of the status quo and will spare no efforts to safeguard its high interests and to oppose to any harm of its whole territorial integrity..