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The Maloma morales affair : Madrid called for “Decisive action” against Algeria backed Polisario

Brussels –   Jose Morales, father by adoption of the young Maloma from Saharian origins, has demanded from the government “a decisive action” to liberate his daughter that has been held captive since December 15th in Tindouf, as states the “EFE” agency.

“I don’t understand how would my daughter be held hostage since seventeen months, while all the other cases get settled in one week”, Maloma’s father indignantly announces, the man rages against Rajoy’s government and blames it for “failure” in liberating his adopted daughter, prohibited from coming back to Sevilla in which she used to live before getting kidnapped in December 2015 and being held captive in Tindouf.

In a press conference, organized in Tuesday May 11th in Sevilla, the father demanded ” a decisive action” against the POLISARIO front to set his adopted daughter free. Reports the Spanish press agency.

In the occasion. Jose Morales, who showed up with his wife Carmen de Matos, broadcasted audio recordings that the couple last had with their daughter, including one in which Maloma explains how she has been restrained from inviting them to her wedding, the wedding was “set and arranged” to stop her from returning to Sevilla, her parents’ city.

 She answered to the question of either she wanted to rejoin her adoptive parents, according to the audio records broadcasted to the Spanish media : “either I want it or not, it doesn’t depend on my choice”. That is to state how the young hostage was torn between the obligation of staying in Tindouf, prison with open roof, and the unlikely hope of being able to, someday, return to the place that witnessed her first toddles in Sevilla.

The same feelings of tearing are shared by the family Morales, that doesn’t know anymore how much they “bleed in the hearts” in the hope of seeing their adopted daughter again.

In April 2016, the ex minister of foreign affairs Jose Manuel Margallo summoned to his office Khira Bullahi Bad, the representative of the POLISARIO, to express” Madrid’s anger concerning the emprisonnement of Maloma Morales “.

A year later, the victim could not join her family.

Maloma’s case painfully reminds of many others, to mention those of Najiba Mohamed Belkacem (23 years old) and Daria M’barek Salma (27 years old), still being restricted from joining their home cities, Huelva and Ténérife, im Canary Island

See (HRW) report about this holding here



Ziad Elalami

Translated  by Sahara Watch Organisation



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