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This is the truth of Nehema Asfari

Brussels –This is the truth of Nehema Asfari, the mastermind of what happened in kdim Izik The site of “Today’s Calendars” received very dangerous data, related to Al-Neama Asfari, who is the mastermind of what happened in the camp “Kdim Izik,” which they called the “Governor-General” of the camp.

He has been involved for many years in the trade of state-subsidized foodstuffs between the towns of Laayoune and Tanant, before emigrating to France and settling in Mantes la Jolie, Sudor). After marrying French pro-Polisario activists, claude mongin mauguette, who is 14 years older than the NLD, knew how to make good use of her membership in the so-called French Association of Friends of the Saharawi Republic (SADC), with the potential of having a case law and food stores A pro-poor human rights activist in the ranks of the Polisario loyalists in France.

And show the extent of the greed and opportunism called Asfari, through this marriage reform, which is contrary to the customs and traditions and traditions and principles of the original desert. Neema Asfari, with the help of his wife, managed to settle his legal status and obtain documents of residence in French homes.

After his French wife launched an association with the same goals, the French Committee for Respect for Human Rights and Freedoms in Western Sahara was assigned the task of “Vice President”, which allowed him to meet with several Polisario leaders, especially Omar Mansour, the acting representative of the Polisario in Paris , As well as elements of the Algerian intelligence in France.

After his visitors from the intelligence services and Polisario representatives confirmed his initial readiness to play dirty roles against Morocco, he was transferred to central Tindouf, including to the southern provinces of the Kingdom of Morocco, where he initiated the most dangerous criminal scheme, which consisted of recruiting young men and boys, following the orders of Tindouf separatists and their masters in Algeria, which in various ways seeking to destabilize the security and stability of the Moroccan desert cities, especially when these Moroccan provinces known as visits to some foreign delegations, in an attempt to destabilize its own well-established security situation and the stable growth in the southern regions under the policies of Rational paper in these areas.

It should be noted that the so-called grace Asfari did not do all these dirty roles, not for the generosity of central Hatami separatists in Tindouf, where it poured huge amounts of money, which we’ll cover in the following lines. In parallel with this sabotage scheme, he arranged meetings for these foreigners with other separatist activists promoting what they call “human rights abuses” in Moroccan Sahara. What is absent is the black past of this “old guard,” where his judicial record includes several verdicts and arrests, in order to violence against citizens and public sugar.

He was arrested by the police in Marrakech in 2008 on charges of assaulting a pregnant woman in front of eyewitnesses, To the hospital because of the seriousness of the attack. One of the dirty roles is the travel of Nema Asfari many times to Algeria, as well as the Tindouf camps, where he was indoctrinated with diabolical schemes as part of his preparation and encouragement for the events of the Kadim Izik camp, which defined these dangerous events.

The Kadem Izik camp was implemented in accordance with the instructions of Algeria and Tindouf, where the camp was set up and recruited militias consisting of a number of court cases, providing them with white weapons and drugs, in order to suppress anyone trying to leave the camp. To allow the Moroccan dialogue committee, which was aimed at reaching a peaceful solution to lift the camp, in order to fabricate the crisis. Without a crisis, the plan will not succeed.

When Asfari learned of the Moroccan authorities’ decision to intervene to dismantle the camp, he ordered his hired assistants to attack the public forces with white weapons, Molotov cocktails and cooking gas bottles, killing 11 members of the public forces in horrific ways, With their bodies and urination above them, events and crimes documented by video and audio, indicating the seriousness of these and the horror of their aggression.

After the dismantling of the camp, the security forces found several white weapons inside the tent where Asfari was stationed. The amounts were as follows: US $ 10,000, 5,000 Euro, 300000 Algerian Dinars and 500 Moroccan Dirhams, indicating that this He was implementing a well-planned plan for the parents of his benefactor, who was paid a lot of money.Today’s calandars.


Translated by Sahara Watch Organisation

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